About Us

The Peterborough Table Hockey Association (PTHA) was founded in 2005, its first season hosting twelve regulars and thirteen guest members. The PTHA continues to draw players from Peterborough and the surrounding area to participate in bi-weekly league play and our yearly Peterborough Challenge tournament.

We typically play twelve games every two weeks on Sunday afternoons at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Peterborough, Ontario. See our Schedule & Events page for more details. Each game lasts five heart-pounding minutes and is refereed by a fellow league member. We play on Power Play 2 table hockey games, artfully customized by hand.

The PTHA also hosts the Peterborough Challenge table hockey tournament each fall. As many as 37 players have attended for one or two days of fun, and we’re proud to raise funds for the ILC Foundation.

We’re a fun-loving group that enjoys getting together for lots of laughs and friendly competition. All ages and abilities are welcomed, and new players are encouraged to join at any time. No experience or equipment necessary, just bring your willingness to learn and a great attitude.